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Since any digital file, whether it be photo, video, audio or written post can be copied and reposted by anyone with access to it, once released to the intetnet every piece of information can potentionally live on forever. Now ask yourself, “Have I ever allowed anything on the net I would be ashamed of?” (for example, see Hate the Radio)

Play Grrr…

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Play Grrr

Copyright Frank Edward Nora

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[audio:copyrightfrankedwardnora.mp3|titles=AR – Copyright Frank Edward Nora – Featuring: Al and Frank Edward Nora]


Special Thanks To:
Frank Edward Nora

Music By:
Penmachine – Striking Silver

Penmachine – Fakeout

Brad Sucks – Theres Something Wrong

Brad Sucks – Dropping Out Of  School

Download – copyrightfrankedwardnora.mp3

Monty PythonAccording to the Recording Industry, giving away copyrighted material for free will always result in the loss of sales. The proof is in the pudding. More and more creative entities are releasing their own property to clamering audiences. Thereby building the loyalty base and word of mouth. Time and time again they are seeing an increase in sales as the free work drives people to want more. Take the case of Monty Python. After so many years of poorly copied VHS tapes traded between fans, and low-quality videos online being the only content people could find, the creators have started their own YouTube channel with high-quality files for free. They are reporting an astronomical increase in sales, boosting them to the top 5 on Independent artists like Brad Sucks, or main stream artists like Nine Inch Nails are both finding that making their material available online for free, under a “pay what you want” plan is good for business. Even in a resession, Americans want to be entertained. When they are trolling the internet to find something to pass the time, they will start with what is available for free, but when they find something they like, they will pay to get more of it.

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