The 3G’s of iPhone

Posted by Al | Snarky | Wednesday 2 July 2008 10:54 pm

Let me start by saying, “I am no Apple Fanboy.” That aside, I am strongly thinking about buying the new version of the iPhone. Can this mean that Steve Jobs has finally learned something about marketing? I am not easily swayed to buy every electronic device that happens to have a shiny plastic case. I only purchase products I can use for many different purposes. Here are my thoughts about the new iPhone:

  1. iPhone 3GGPS – I currently have a Google Maps app I downloaded for free to find my way around. Since my current phone has no location functions, I have to know where I am and manually move the map to follow my location. Though it seems that “turn by turn” directions will not be available at first with iPhone, location tracking will be a feature I look for in my next phone anyway.
  2. GREED – Steve Jobs is worth 5.7 Billion (at posting date). I myself would like to keep some of my own money in my pocket. The price drop offered on this generation of iPhone makes it very attractive. Even though some say the end cost of the iPhone is higher than its earlier release.
  3. GOOEY – When it comes to Graphic User Interface, Apple gets it. People want to feel all warm and fuzzy about how the interact with a device. Aside from volume, “on / off” and silent, the phone essentially has one button. Apple is all about the “One Button World” in the never-ending quest to dumb down every human-being on the earth.

With little research about whether or not all these electronic items are giving us brain cancer or making us sterile, I myself do not want to carry 6 more things on my body. Then the question becomes: Do we really want one device for every function? What do we do when (and I do mean “when”) it fails us? What happens when that end-all-be-all product falls to the sidewalk and is smashed or is more likely stolen from us at gun point while waiting for the bus?

And what to do with your iPhone if you were duped the first time into buying this magical little candy bar of Phoney delight? Here’s a suggestion from our friends at Blendtec:

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