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Posted by Al | Audio,POMP,Ranting,Techy | Sunday 28 December 2008 1:54 am

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Many people are beginning to realize the web can be used for more than just email. They are starting to use their computers as TVs and Radios. Sadly, just as the tide is turning, the internet service providers are attempting to hold our data hostage. They are gearing up to blackmail the US public with downloading limits that could stifle our entertainment. They need viewers to continue to watch and pay for cable TV. They broadbandcannot justify quadrupling the price of an internet connection since they have been overcharging for the amount of speed and reliability they currently offer. Their only option is to lie about how much it really costs to deliver the web and act as though the internet can be “used up”. They sell our content like it’s their property. The local governments have been bought and paid for many times over to allow anti-competitive behavior by giving licenses to one company in each area. The companies don’t have to compete, and therefore, have no reason to provide excellent quality of service for a fair price. Since these companies provide a service much like law enforcement or the postal service maybe they should be voted in and out of service like other government entities. They will take the money out of your pocket if you continue to allow them. Demand something better.

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