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Posted by Al | Audio,Ranting | Tuesday 1 July 2008 2:28 pm


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What the (expletive deleted) is wrong with Blockbuster Video ? That question alone should start an hour-long laundry list of complaints from just about anyone in America. Can’t they see the other video rental companies taking over the market they created, and leaving them in the dust like the dinosaur they are. Companies like Netflix and Redbox are making “The Block” look more like “The Brick”. A sinking brick.

BlockbusterNetflix revolutionized the video rental industry by getting rid of the annoying trip to the store. As well as, the late fees incurred by not getting the movie back to the store on the right day. Let’s face it, Buster banked on late fees. They designed their whole business plan around human nature, knowing all to well that people are forgetful and lazy. Buster was very slow to recognize the extremely profitable, and simple change to the distribution model. In fact, after fighting the inevitable for far too long, they got a huge slap on the hand for blatantly stealing Netflix’s delivery system. And yet again refused to follow suit when Netflix started to offer online downloads of movies. Large in part to being in bed with the MPAA and their myth of “Online Piracy”. The MPAA is still convinced that the “pirates” can’t figure out how to digitize a rented movie on their own. Rumors are that Buster may be trying to buy Movielink. This may be too little too late for this slow to move, movie renter.

Redbox has yet again changed the face of video rentals. By not building brick and mortar stores, or hiring extensive and highly annoying employees, they have somehow found a way to offer a movie at $1 per day. And guess what? You are only charged on that day, for that day, instead of demanding the money up front like some seedy loan shark. It has been shown time and time again that people will fritter away hundreds of dollars, one dollar at a time. It’s human nature again.

Wake up Buster, if you don’t learn to adapt at a quicker pace, you may find yourself going the way of Gateway Stores. Or you can continue to operate under the false idea that you own the only avenue to the consumer, much like the Record companies and RIAA.

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